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It's Magic 2
Dream Islands Tom, the little tomcat, has gained a lot of experience already in his first adventure (It's Magic), his journey to the outside world. After he returned to the Dream Islands and was celebrated as a great hero, he since lived happily at his master's place, the wise wizard who teached him being a good magician as time passed.

Now the Dream Islands - there, all animals live together peacefully - are in danger. And what Tom doesn't know yet is that he himself is conjuring up this danger by mistake! More about this you will get to know in the intro... But one thing is for sure: The Dream Islands will be pushed into chaos and the only one who can save them is our little Tom!

It's Magic 1 was already nice, but It's Magic 2 tops it by all means and is on its way to become a true C64 classic amongst the jump'n runs. In the picturesque intro you are introduced to the background of the game. A savable highscore and a fastloader are also onboard, but as the loader can also be disabled, the game perfectly runs on your FD-2000, HD or RAMLink!

Ordering the game:
Digital download

Minimum system requirements:
C64 or C128 in C64 mode, 1541/1571 Floppy, Joystick.

Also compatible with:
1541 Ultimate, SD2IEC, uIEC/SD, IEC-ATA, 1581, CMD FD, CMD HD, CMD RAMLink.
This game is PAL and NTSC compatible!

A demo version of It's Magic 2 is available! Spread the demo as much as you can and like. Have fun with it!

Intro Pic 1
Tom and his master
Intro Pic 2
One night...
Intro Pic 3
... it happens

While in It's Magic 1 Tom had to proceed against his enemies with shots and had to find magic items for finishing one level, now in It's Magic 2, he has advanced his magic skills so far that he can just vaporize the enemies by jumping onto them, just in the very style of Giana Sisters! Additionally there are of course magical helpers like invulnerability or time stoppers that ease Tom's life in the fight against the occupants of Dream Island.

In the game there are five worlds in total, each with an own, precisely drawn multicolor graphic set. Also in contrast to its predecessor It's Magic 2 provides music during the gameplay, two compositions in every world.
As hardly any other game, It's Magic 2 uses the ability of the C64 to display also hires elements in a multicolor charset. This way you will be able to discover hires elements embedded in the levels (like the dinosaur skeleton in level 1) that enhances the overall quality of the game graphics significantly.

The titlescreen with highscores displayed
World 1
Here the monsters are still quite peaceful...
World 2
It has become dark on the island!
World 3
Animated torchlight - one of the many details!
World 4
Tom must deal with icy temperatures...
World 5
... and breeding heat!

By the way, at the end of every level a special guard is waiting for Tom and he will not give up his territory that easily. Luckily also these beasts are vulnerable and can be eliminated. But until this point there is a long way to go, for every world is divided into 6 levels! One level can only be completed if all the diamonds were found and collected! Hint: In contrast to Giana Sisters, It's Magic 2 scrolls in both directions - so you can always go backwards. This can also be very helpful while you abscond away from your enemies!

It's Magic 2 awaits you with an overwhelming amount of lovely created details: Bridges give in to Tommy's weight... Snails from time to time leave a trace of slime behind them... Vulcanos spout around with rocks... Unbearable flames can not be defeated even through magic... Cooperative owls transport Tom to places that otherwise are hard to reach... and more, and more, and more!


CODE: André Z.
GRAPHICS: Dirk Heinrich
MUSIC: Mark Waldaukat

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